Please note: Michael has confirmed in our recordings the being who was his guide was not the Spornagia but called a (Morontial companion) …but this creature with Riley Martin sure matches the description of a “Spornagia”…



Through out the recordings with Curtis Cooperman Michael recalls seeing


speaking to a creature companion guide whom he called or named “Question” describing him as a space beaver

( perhaps for some kind of mental support during the tour, apparently this creature was also offered as a companion guide to Michael as well but he refused and said it was not necessary…)

Riley Martin wrote a book about his experiences called The Coming of Tan published by Curtis Cooperman in which he describes this “friend animal” giving him the name “Question”.


 Coming of Tan Chapter 5

 “When I first saw him tagging along Tan ,Nela and myself, I asked Tan what he was,as I could not attribute his looks to any one Earth creature

…in description “Question” is definitely a mammal, who is of the marsupial order, a pouched animal, He stands about three feet tall and probably weighs about forty pounds. His lower body is shaped something like a kangaroo or jack rabbit, with the huge feet and upright posture.His upper body is equipped with short simian arms with four-fingered hands, which he uses in human like fashion. He has a large flat beaver-like tail,which is covered with bushy hair. With the exception of the tail and the shaggy floppy dog-like ears, the body is covered with short smooth white hair….he is a creature capable of mimicking the speech of his master but knowing nothing of the meaning and complexities of intelligent reasoning.


Read what the Urantia Book Paper 46 has to say about these creatures, animal beings living in the local universe headquarters the Spornagia

The one thousand rectangles of Jerusem are occupied by the lower native life of the headquarters planet, and at their center is situated the vast circular headquarters of the spornagia…I am quite without comparisons in undertaking to describe these useful and unusual creatures as

there are no animals on the evolutionary worlds comparable to them.

They are not evolutionary beings, having been projected by the Life Carriers in their present form and status. They are bisexual and procreate as they are required to meet the needs of a growing population. Perhaps I can best suggest to Urantia minds something of the nature of these beautiful and serviceable creatures by saying that

they embrace the combined traits of a faithful horse and an affectionate dog and manifest an intelligence exceeding that of the highest type of chimpanzee.

And they are very beautiful, as judged by the physical standards of Urantia.

They are most appreciative of the attentions shown them by the material and semimaterial sojourners on these architectural worlds.

They have a vision which permits them to recognize—in addition to material beings—the morontia creations, the lower angelic orders, midway creatures, and some of the lower orders of spirit personalities. They do not comprehend worship of the Infinite, nor do they grasp the import of the Eternal, but they do, through affection for their masters, join in the outward spiritual devotions of their realms.


Animal beings the Spornagia Urantia Book Paper 37 

The architectural headquarters worlds of the local universe are real worlds—physical creations. There is much work connected with their physical upkeep, and herein we have the assistance of a group of physical creatures called spornagia. They are devoted to the care and culture of the material phases of these headquarters worlds, from Jerusem to Salvington.


Who and what is –  Riley Martin’s Thought Adjuster