They are affectionately devoted to the

 educational ministry

to mortal creatures and the lower orders of spiritual beings .They are not so much concerned with universe administration as with moral enlightenment and spiritual development. They are the universal educators, being dedicated to the spiritual awakening and moral guidance of all realms.


Michael tells Curtis about his meeting with a being from the order of Daynalspiritual teachers who looked human and told him about the 

seven psychic circles

Seven Psychic Circles 

Urantia Book Paper 110


N00007450 Architectural sphere orbiting Saturn

“They will be

due to appear

on Urantia after its inhabitants have gained comparative deliverance from the shackles of


and from the fetters of materialism.The vast domain of Daynalsonship activities will be better understood on Urantia when you are more advanced in intelligence, and after

the spiritual isolation of your planet

has been terminated.”

Urantia Book


Listen Hour 64

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Urantia Book Paper 36 The Life Carriers

“The Life Carriers are endowed with potentials of personality metamorphosis which but “few” orders of creatures possess.”


Listen Hour 43

The Daynal stepped up to a platform and just became light. What is the purpose for the human race?