In your solar system only three planets are at present suited to harbor life. U.B.P. 15


Urantia Book Paper 72

This planetlike Urantia,

 was led astray by the disloyalty of its Planetary Prince in connection with the



rebellion. It received a Material Son shortly after

Adam came to Urantia, 

and this Son also DEFAULTED leaving the sphere isolatedsince a Magisterial Son has never been bestowed upon its mortal races.” 

 “…to narrate something of the social, moral, and political life of the most

advanced human race living on a not far-distant planet…”


Urantia Book Paper 72

“Notwithstanding all these planetary handicaps a very

superior civilization

is evolving on an isolated continent about the size of Australia. This nation numbers about 140 million. Its people are a mixed race, predominantly

blue and yellow, having a slightly greater proportion of violet than the so-called white race of Urantia. These different races are not yet fully blended, but they fraternize and socialize very acceptably. The average length of life on this continent is now ninety years, fifteen per cent higher than that of any other people on the planet.”


The Evolution of Human Government  U.B. Paper 70 – The Genesis of War