Urantia Book Paper 32

“The metamorphosis of


constitutes the only possible procedure whereby [human beings] may escape the fetters of time and the bonds of material creation, thereby being enabled to strike spiritual step with the progressive procession of eternity.”


Urantia Book Paper 111

This supernal transaction of evolving the immortal soul is made possible because the mortal mind is first personal and second is

in contact with super

animal realities it possesses a supermaterial endowment of cosmic ministry

We don’t just cease to exist after we die like any other animal creature on Earth.

We are not confined to our biological evolutionary naturethe animal level of existence.

This basic assumption is quite primitive in its analysis considering the fact that we are able to reach 

beyond our minds

 and attain God consciousness in the contemplation of God…but whatever the case is my point is that

animals don’t pray or contemplate God

they live instinctively they cannot choose.What makes us different is will and destiny.Our ability to respond spiritually with the spirit of worship is in itself the difference between man and animal. Our souls can transcend beyond time and space to much higher levels of existences because of this divine spiritual presence 

which is in actuality, a fragment of God.


“The type of personality bestowed upon Urantia mortals has a potentiality of seven dimensions  of self-expression or person-realization” Urantia Book