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in my Father’s house is a stopping place, a life designed to prepare you for the next one ahead.


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New Jerusalem really a school 17 November 2015


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The new Jerusalem that sphere is like his summer home Christ Michael ...that sphere is an amazing reality that we’re living right here...‘Their getting ready they may be preparing for something…I know they’ve been very busy with this

project Urantia

…with moving people to the New Jerusalem..”




are made to order worlds and have a very special purpose and function like having one positioned within a solar system where a Creator Son had actually bestowed himself in the likeness of mortal flesh and if he is to return then then having a sphere here makes perfect sense, perhaps that is what explains the increase in UFO activity.We are in the times that Jesus spoke of  “ Great signs in the Heavens”


Urantia Book 15:5.13 10 Architectural Worlds.

These are the worlds which are built according to plans and specifications for some SPECIAL PURPOSE...”


Just for the record,

I would like to remind the readers once again my answers reflect my own opinions, views, ideas, thoughts; this is my personal interpretation of how I see things coming together from my perspective and in no way do I consider myself an authority on the Urantia Book.This blog is something that just happened on its own. Now, I know to some people that might sound a little strange but it is true. Having said that, I do believe I am being guided  and influenced by many

different kinds

of spiritual forces and a self conscious thought adjuster.

I’m sure there are  others out there who are taking the information from the Urantia book word for word and finding many different kinds of insignificant discrepancies when it comes to Michaels story of being taken to that architectural sphere orbiting Saturn. I am convinced beyond any doubt that both Michael and Riley Martin  (the other human who was taken from Earth as well -see spornagia and Riley Martins Thought Adjuster shared their experience wholeheartedly as they perceived it knowing that sphere was there by Saturn all along; before the space craft Cassini ever took the first pictures for NASA.

The very fact the Urantia Book talks about these floating cities and morontia worlds is interesting…

Whether we get the names or sizes or position in our solar system right or wrong or why the other spheres are not visible should not take away from the fact that they are there. But to point out the obvious reasons why Saturn would be a great place to park a sphere is size (you could fit about 833 Earth’s into Saturn),capacity and resources, it would be the

the most logical planet of choice.

No where in the Urantia book does it say where any of the spheres are positioned to begin with, just because we don’t know where they are does not necessarily mean the rest are not there. 

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Urantia Book reader wrote: 

Why do you think Jerusem orbits Saturn?  The Urantia Book does not say that.


My advice is to go through all of the information on the Saturn Earth Connection and then read all of the posts on broadcasturantia to better understand why that architectural sphere/world is the “New Jerusalem” and not a newly discovered moon as NASA has suggested which is quite laughable because moons are round notpear-ly shaped; moons do not orbit through the rings leaving a wake(see NASA Photos on Saturn Earth Connection website,

the reasons are many why this is the New Jerusalem and “not” the Jerusem from the Urantia Book


Urantia Book reader wrote:

Why would you or Michael from Hawaii think that Jerusem could be seen without seeing all it’s satellites and sub-satellites which are


45:0.1 “Jerusem, the system capital, is almost one hundred times the size of Urantia, although its gravity is a trifle less. Jerusem’s major satellites are the seven transition worlds, each of which is about ten times as large as Urantia, while the seven sub-satellites of these transition spheres are just about the size of Urantia.” –  Urantia Book


Jay wrote:

There is so much more that exists beyond the spectrum of human vision as these incredible revelations and developments occur in real time; little by little more truth will become understandable. There are a lot of x factors, variables and knowledge that is still unrevealed to us but the problem with some Urantia book readers is they need to look at the Urantia book as a text book rather than a religious papers….which leaves them frightened by any new discoveries…you must begin to think a little outside the book and into the reality around us the bigger picture. P..s there are ships the size of Earth and bigger  around…the sun by the way. (Not said sarcastically.) But regardless of all the names or titles…this is an architectural sphere of some kind.

Urantia Book reader wrote:

I agree… most Urantia Book readers seem to be afraid of “new” discoveries and don’t think outside the “book”, just as many Christians can’t think outside the Bible Thanks