Urantia Book Paper 1

The myriads of planetary systems were all made to be eventually inhabited by many



These papers do notcannot-even begin to exhaust the story of the living creatures, creators, eventuators, and still-otherwise-existent beings who live and worship and serve in the 


of time and in the central universe of eternity.” U.B. 30


To think that humans are alone in the universe and without God is as primitive as thinking the world is flat-

truly absurd.

Listen Hour 51


Urantia Book Paper 36

Life is constructed and appears on the inhabited planets either by



or as a result of the operations of the Life Carriers of the local universes.


Listen hour 134 … quite close and actively being protected and watched by a great celestial community”


“The present atmospheric status of Urantia is almost ideal for the support of the breathing type of man, but the

human type can be so modified

that it can live on both the superatmospheric and the subatmospheric planets. -Urantia Book


Even the number of major orders and types would stagger the human imagination, let alone the countless subtypes and variations… Urantia Book 


We are not the only intelligent living sentient God worshipping creatures in the universes. Our area of the universe is under a quarantine status cut off from communication circuits


Master Universe Map Finding God The kingdom Heaven Revelation Universe Organization Chart of the Paradise Spiritual Heiarchy – Based On the Urantia Papers

Most people have never read the Urantia Book in the UFO community under the impression we are being invaded by alien forces or there is some kind of a massive plan of enslavement for humanity; which I suppose could be possible-but definitely not allowed at this time. This concept of mankind and the alien enslavement destiny is no doubt a possibility but not an inevitability because there is an over control of evolution and a body of administration the celestial overseers of

planetary affairs.

From on high 

they watch and observe

 Most High Observers  not to let any harm come to the Earth, in fact it’s to the contrary,

Earth is being protected 

our destiny is not  enslavement to some alien race, the picture is a lot more bigger than that; we are to ascend both individually and collectively as a race into the next level of our evolution . The plan of ascension is the pursuit of perfectionour destiny is to become as they are- perfect.



Urantia Book

The perfect and imperfect are truly interrelated, and therefore may the finite evolutionary creature ascend to Paradise in obedience to the Universal Father’s mandate:

“Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”


 It’s not about the illusions of fear and cosmic suicide it’s about the existence of God, soul development and eternal life through personality survival Furthermore, the pursuit of perfection in the master plan of paradise ascension is the real destiny for the human races of Urantia. The human soul is made of transdimensional properties which can be developed and evolved. This evolution of the soul from the animal to divine association is the secret. The

mystery that was hidden from the agesthe Christ in you

…we are truly multi-dimensional creatures capable of personality realization on many levels of reality.

The type of personality bestowed upon Urantia mortals has a potentiality of seven dimensions of self-expression or person-realization…” Urantia Book


 It is true that there are

evil forces co-existing with us on earth,

remnants of the the legacy of Lucifer spilling over to this day and age however, lets not forget that the evils of the world are only the scattered few dark spots on a larger canvass of white. We were designed, but not for the purpose of rendering us helpless and leaving us to be doomed by some terrible enslavement plan of a superior evil alien race as some have suggested in the UFO community and definitely, have been quite successful at making a fortune spreading the gospel of fear and hopelessness where ever they may go; and not even realize it, but that’s what happens when knowledge is incomplete.

More than often these personalities become dominated with

paranoia fear,

in scope and nature viewing the world from an almost schizophrenia perspective.

A massive rescue mission

could easily be mistaken for an invasion. I know, because I was there  at that developmental stage convinced that humanity was doomed just like they are now,until I discovered that there is so much more to the picture and the universe than just fear.

If you have not read the Urantia Book book by now read it and youll know exactly what I mean. Believe it or not, the reality is we were created for the purpose of ascension by a loving God. We were designed to transcend the animal nature; beyond human, beyond death into new creations of life just like the butterfly awakens into a new dimension of continued existence. From the cocoon stage the life force goes on for us, too…

there, is your escape if you still want call it that.

And if not while we are still in the flesh then surely through natural death metamorphosis will our journey continue .These are the kind of beings that designed us not only to procreate but  co-create and transcend our biological mortal nature. The Life Carriers are in charge of carrying life to new worlds ripe for life implantation beings/Sons of high order and great responsibility…

We were not the only ones created by God.


Populated Universe

Planetary Physical Types

“Even the number of major orders and types would stagger the human imagination, let alone the countless subtypes and variations…

Atmospheric types- Beings such as the Urantia races are classified as mid-breathers; you represent the average or typical breathing order of mortal existence

There are great differences between the mortals of the different worlds, even among those belonging to the same intellectual and physical types, but all mortals of will dignity are erect animals, bipeds. -Urantia Book


The Inhabited Worlds in the Local Universe Paper 49 Urantia Book


There is a standard and basic pattern of vegetable and animal life in each system. But the Life Carriers are oftentimes confronted with the necessity of modifying these basic patterns to conform to the varying physical conditions which confront them on numerous worlds of space. They foster a generalized system type of mortal creature,

but there are

seven distinct physical types

as well as thousands upon thousands of minor variants of these seven outstanding differentiations:

1. Atmospheric types

Beings such as the Urantia races are classified as mid-breathers; you represent the average or typical breathing order of mortal existence.

2. Elemental types

These differentiations have to do with the relation of mortals to water, air, and land, and there are four distinct species of intelligent life. Urantia races are of the land order.

3. Gravity types

Some of the larger worlds are peopled with beings who are only about two and one-half feet in height. Inhabited worlds are peopled with mortals of the modified gravity types occupying the larger and the smaller planets.

4. Temperature types

There are five distinct orders of beings as they are classified with reference to heat-regulating mechanisms…are peopled with races of modified temperature types.

5. Electric types

There are ten designs of mortal life variously fashioned to withstand the differential energy of the spheres. These ten varieties also react in slightly different ways to the chemical rays of ordinary sunlight. But these slight physical variations in no way affect the intellectual or the spiritual life.

6. Energizing types

Beings who are competent to effect their life-process exchanges directly by means of light-energy and the firsthand power transmutations of the Master Physical Controllers.

7. Unnamed types

There are numerous additional physical variations in planetary life, but all of these differences are wholly matters of anatomical modification, physiologic differentiation, and electrochemical adjustment

Worlds of Non Breathers


Urantia Book – Paper 114 – Seraphic Planetary Government

The most highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.


6. THE SPHERES OF SPACE Urantia Book Paper 15

Irrespective of origin, the various spheres of space are classifiable into the following major divisions:

1. The suns—the stars of space.

2. The dark islands of space.

3. Minor space bodies—comets, meteors, and planetesimals.

4. The planets, including the inhabited worlds

5. Architectural spheres


worlds made to order.