Jeremiah 32:17

 ” Ah Lord God! behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and there is nothing too hard for thee…”


untitledUrantia Book Paper 15

“Your solar system

and other worlds of time are not plunging headlong, without chart and compass, into unmapped space … This cosmic path is well charted and is just as thoroughly known to the superuniverse star observers as the orbits of the planets constituting your solar system are known to Urantia astronomers.”

earth from space



Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detected”




Urantia Book Paper 32

preuniverse manipulations of space-force

and the primordial energies… prematerial and postforce phases of a local universe creation…”

Evolution of Local Universes


Urantia Book Paper 8 

“The God of Action

functions and the dead vaults of space are astir. One billion perfect spheres flash into existence.

Prior to this hypothetical eternity moment the space-energies inherent in Paradise are existent and potentially operative, but they have

no actuality of being

neither can physical gravity be measured except by the reaction of material realities to its incessant pull. There is no material universe at this (assumed) eternally distant moment, but the very instant that one billion worlds materialize, there is in evidence


sufficient and adequate to hold them in the everlasting grasp of Paradise. “ 


Urantia Book Paper 32


The preuniverse manipulations of space-force and the primordial energies are the work of the Paradise Master Force Organizers;but in the superuniverse domains, when emergent energy becomes responsive to local or linear gravity, they retire in favor of the

power directors

of the superuniverse concerned. These power directors function alone

in the prematerial and postforce phases of a local universe creation. There is no opportunity for a Creator Son to begin

universe organization

until the power directors have effected the mobilization of the space-energies sufficiently to provide a material foundation literal suns and

material spheres—for the emerging universe.