I recognize that the frandalanks are intelligent, but I cannot classify them as other than

living machines. U.B.


“…living beings having to do with force control and energy regulation in the master universe.-Urantia Book.



hour 50 Frandalanks


Michael was looking at the power source of the


an intelligent living being that regulates energies. “Frankenstein” was the nickname Michael used to remember the term Frandalanks



Energy manipulating beings

are of direct creation and do not ascend or descend like other beings, they function as intelligent and livingmechanisms-entities just like the

power directors

that are presently orbiting our Sun.




About the only way I can help you to understand these

living mechanisms

is to compare them to your own mechanical contrivances which perform with almost intelligentlike precision and accuracy.

Then if you would conceive of these beings, draw upon your imagination to the extent of recognizing that in the grand universe we actually have intelligent and livingmechanisms (entities) that can perform more intricate tasks involving more stupendous computations with even greater delicacy of accuracy, even with ultimacy of precision.

While your races have long known of the existence of


and similar orders of celestial beings,

little information concerning the controllers and regulators of the physical domain has ever been imparted. Even now I am permitted fully to disclose only the last of the following

three groups of living beings having to do with force control and energy regulation in the master universe. -Urantia Book.