Hour 264

Urantia Book Paper 51

“… unless the entire planet is to be emptied,

in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population.

If some physical  catastrophe should doom the planetary residence

of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivorsand by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.



Does not matter who you are or what you believe in

Christian, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus, Agnostics, Atheist, from this planet or not,

etc…this world is going to come to the sudden realization that we are not alone nor were we the only ones created by God in the universe, that there is a God which can be comprehended but probably not in the way you expected – prepare yourselves for whats about to happen… 



Hour 267

1 Thessalonians 4:17

“Then we which  are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them 

in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


Revelation 16:16

“And they gathered them together to the place called in Hebrew, Armageddon.”



evolution of a human race,

once initiated on a world of space, must proceed quite independently of the physical survival of that planet.” Urantia Book Paper 51


Its not so far fetched to say that we might require some kind of a rescue mission


by the celestials in the near future for the sake of our continuation as a species. At the rate our civilization is progressing in technological advancement with

total disregard to the balance of spiritual growth and human life, 

we as a species are rolling full steam ahead towards extinction level dangers. Many civilizations have come and gone because of the very same reasons…

Yes indeed, the legacy of the rebellion days is still alive and well lurking in the minds of the evil ones – living in a reality of their own making declaring the philosophy of 


 to the service of self – it’s not hard to see the danger of doom and gloom just ahead of us.


Luke 21:36

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”


“Jesus referred one phase of the kingdom to the future and did, on numerous occasions, intimate that such an event might appear as a part of a

world crisis;

and though he did likewise most certainly, on several occasions, definitely promise sometime to return to Urantia

Urantia Book Paper 170


Artist First Radio Listen Hour 151

Michael tells Z-man about the possibilities of extinction level dangers and the mandate for emergency planetary evacuation that is already in place

“should” we ever reach that point.. 


There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. ” Luke 21


The Great Awakening

Soon there will be a great spiritual awakening like never before as God enters the consciousness of the human race and with the merging of dimensions spiritual truths  are becoming  observable realities. Our civilization is on the verge of a great awakening, the kind no one can deny a fly over to inaugurate the coming of the ages of light and life. Our world is a very special place and has the attention of the entire universe, in fact, our planet is surrounded by a massive community of God conscious sentient alien beings from many different places in the universe.

We are not the only creatures created by God.

Around two hundred thousand years ago along with other planets in our system Earth was placed in a quarantine status from the rest of the universe but soon this veil of spiritual isolation will be lifted and no longer will there be any arguments about us being alone in the universe and without God. Earth has always been under the watch care of the administration of God which will become common knowledge through out the world in the near future. These beings are the angels of all the old religious texts of the world.  The very same beings responsible for the famous moving star of Bethlehem which was really an alien crystalline ship radiating a beautiful white light hovering over the Creator Son who had successfully  incarnated himself into the creature of his own creation. In his last and final bestowal mission in the form of a human creature Jesus Christ became the Son of Man that is why at the end of his Earth life cycle his very last words were “it is finished” referring to the end of his creature experiencing bestowal missions. Earth was the chosen planet out of the ten million in our sector of the universe which explains why there is an

architectural sphere

orbiting the planet Saturn. It would only seem logical and quite appropriate to station a world of where the Creator Son from the highest order of descending beings the Michaels became a human creature…These are the beings Michael met when he was taken to the architectural sphere orbiting the planet Saturn   PLANETARY SERVICE OF THE DAYNALS  Urantia Book   The Daynals have  morphing abilities just like the Life Carriers  -personality metamorphosis…


Listen Hour 41

“Those that will be lifted will really have gone to a point where they are no longer of this world… they have graduated to a level which has made them… a higher order being. That is not… you might say… bound… doesn’t what to be bound to this world.”

Listen Hour 39

“The Armada the airlift… they wish not to leave any souls behind.”

Listen Hour 45

“Where the body is there the eagles will gather together”