Revelations 20: 12

” And the dead were judged by what was written in the


by what they had done.”  


The Seven Mansion Worlds U.B.P. 47

“The union of the evolving



with the eternal and divine Adjuster is signalized by the seraphic summoning of the supervising superangel for


survivors and of the archangel of record for those going to judgment on the third day”


U.B.P. 19

In some way not fully understood, the

Universal Censors 

are able to gain possession of

an epitome

of the human life as it is embodied in the Adjuster’s

duplicate transcription

of the spiritual values and morontia meanings of the

indwelt mind.   

The Censors are able to appropriate the Adjuster’s version of the deceased human’s survival character and spiritual qualities, and all this


together with the seraphic


is available for presentation at the time of the


of the individual concerned. -U.B.


Personality Survival U.B.P. 112

After death

the material body returns to the elemental world from which it was derived, but two nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist:

The pre-existent Thought Adjuster,

with the memory transcription

of the mortal career…”


U.B.P. 108 – Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters

” These faithful custodians of the future career unfailingly

duplicate every mental creation with a spiritual counterpart;

they are thus slowly and surely re-creating you as you really are (only spiritually) for resurrection on the survival worlds.”