Comment – Urantia Book Reader

“nice name broadcasturantiavery appropriate.

broadcast is the way they describe what god has done to us and broadcast is the word they use mostly to describe how higher beings talk to us.”


Urantia Book Paper 15


broadcasts of Paradise, 

the space reports of Havona.


Urantia book Paper 33

“…  broadcasts are simultaneously directed to the constellation headquarters, the system headquarters, and to individual planets.

All higher orders of celestial beings are able to

utilize this service for communication

with their fellows scattered throughout the universe.

The universe broadcast is extended to all inhabited worlds regardless of their spiritual status.

Planetary intercommunication 

is denied only those worlds under spiritual quarantine.


Urantia Book Paper 19

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The Perfectors of Wisdom

“Wherever and whenever a Perfector of Wisdom functions, there and then divine wisdom functions…

Wisdom is twofold in origin, being derived from the perfection of divine insight inherent in perfect beings and from the personal experience acquired by evolutionary creatures.” 


Urantia Book

“The Eternal Son without reservation joined with the Universal Father in broadcasting that tremendous injunction to all creation:

Be you perfecteven as your Father in Havona is perfect.”

And ever since, that invitation-command has motivated all the survival plans and the bestowal projects of the Eternal Son and his

vast family 

of co-ordinate and associated Sons. And in these very bestowals the Sons of God have become to all evolutionary creatures the way, the truth, and the life.”


NASA n00061934 Architectural Sphere Presently Orbiting Saturn – New

Seraphic Transport



Urantia Book Paper 46

The superuniverse and Paradise-

Havona broadcasts are received on Jerusem in liaison with Salvington and by a technique involving the polar crystal, the sea of glass.

In addition to provisions for the reception of these extra-Nebadon communications, there are three distinct groups of receiving stations.  These separate but tricircular groups of stations are adjusted to the reception of broadcasts from the local worlds, from the constellation headquarters, and from the capital of the local universe.

All these broadcasts are automatically displayed so as to be discernible by all types of beings present in the central broadcast amphitheater

of all preoccupations for an ascendant mortal on Jerusem, none is more engaging and engrossing than that of listening in on the never-ending stream of universe space reports.

This Jerusem broadcast-receiving station is encircled by an enormous amphitheater, constructed of scintillating materials largely unknown on Urantia and seating over five billion beings—material and morontia—besides accommodating innumerable spirit personalities. 


It is the favorite diversion for all Jerusem to spend their leisure at the

broadcast station,

there to learn of the welfare and state of the universe. And this is the only planetary activity which is not slowed down during the recession of light.At this broadcast-receiving amphitheater the Salvington messages are coming in continuously. Near by, the Edentia word of the Most High Constellation Fathers is received at least once a day. Periodically the regular and special broadcasts of Uversa are relayed through Salvington, and when Paradise messages are in reception, the entire population is assembled around the sea of glass, and the Uversa friends add the reflectivity phenomena to the technique of the Paradise broadcast so that everything heard becomes visible. And it is in this manner that continual foretastes of advancing beauty and grandeur are afforded the mortal  survivors as they journey inward on the eternal adventure.


Urantia Book The  broadcast directors

The broadcasts of Paradise, the superuniverses, and the local universes are under the general supervision of this group of thought conservers. They serve as censors and editors as well as co-ordinators of the broadcast material, making a superuniverse adaptation of all Paradise broadcasts and adapting and translating the broadcasts of the Ancients of Days into the individual tongues of the local universes.

The local universe broadcasts

must also be modified for reception by the systems and the individual planets.The transmittal of these space reports is carefully supervised, and there is always a back registry to insure the proper reception of every report on every world in a given circuit. These broadcast directors are technically expert in

the utilization of the currents of space for all purposes of intelligence communication.


“…and the Uversa friends add the


phenomena to the technique of the Paradise broadcast so that everything heard becomes visible.” Urantia Book

“The Jerusem sending station is located at the opposite pole of the sphere.


All broadcasts to the individual worlds

are relayed from the system capitals except the Michael messages, which sometimes go direct to their destinations over the archangels’ circuit.” -Urantia Book