Urantia Book Paper 111

“Uncertainty with security is the essence of the


adventure …”


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Jay: Question for Michael

Curtis, if you get a chance could Michael shed some more light on what the Urantia Book calls THE RESERVE CORPS OF DESTINY Paper 114 

their purpose, function and operations here on Earth…


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“…And thank you for allowing me to participate in the MISSION that you promised them to do. I feel that I am the help they told you would get when you got back to Earth…” – Jay Email to Michael



“… Not as leaders but as those just ahead of them. The concept of leader can be misleading, sometimes meaning a controller rather than a light giver to that path just ahead…” Michael from Hawaii –  helloearth.info




The Reserve Corps of Destiny -Urantia Book Paper 114.7

‘When human beings are chosen personal destiny guardians to serve with these mortal reservists. All reservists have self-conscious Adjusters, and most of them function in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual achievement and spiritual attainment.– Seraphic Planetary Goverment


Urantia Book Paper 110 6. THE SEVEN PSYCHIC CIRCLES

The mastery of the first cosmic circle signalizes the attainment of premorontia mortal maturity…Beyond the first circle, mind becomes increasingly akin to the intelligence of the morontia stage of evolution…The great days in the individual careers of Adjusters are: first, when the human subject breaks through into the third psychic circle, thus insuring the Monitor’s self-activity and increased range of function (provided the indweller was not already self-acting); then, when the human partner attains the first psychic circle, and they are thereby enabled to


at least to some degree…


Email: Michael to Jay

Hello Jay, Thanks for sending me the link of your podcast with Curtis. I just listened to it and enjoyed it very much.

Your present of celestial understanding and your knowledge of the Urantia book has matured and we are now ready to add a higher dimension the understanding of the turning of the age. You are now able to direct critical questions to the central core through our future conversations.

 The trip I took to the New Jerusalem

 was required to help attune me to receptivity to these lower elders, destiny guardians, in order to have real time conversations with them. We are all through the

spirit circuitHoly Spirit,

connected to adjuster intelligence but not all are to more personalized beings. You affinity to the number 17 connects us both to the same core of destiny guardians to fulfill the purpose of higher consciousness awakening. Hope to do these shows of enlightenment and awakening with you soon. Aloha, Michael


Urantia Book Paper 113 Seraphic Guardians of Destiny

“…contactual communication is number 3 of  group 17…”


Email: Jay to Michael

Hi Michael, I am glad you found the Curtis interview enjoyable, and yes I am looking forward to recording with you, it will be a great honor to do so.

After much prayer for my thought adjuster to become more interactive in my being and in terms of my insight of cosmic knowledge I believe that I am able to intercommunicate with my thought adjuster, this has been happening to me in the last few months, if it was not for the Urantia Book and your knowledge about the seven psychic circles from the recordings on hello earth…I would have thought that I was suffering from some kind of Schizophrenia. But I am now quite aware that this is not so and that my ability to intercommunicate is possible only because I have broken through all of the psychic circles and therefore am experiencing the phenomenon of dual mindedness which of course is my identification with the mindedness of God.

But the question I have is the morontia consciousness awakening the same thing as having, higher consciousness, cosmic consciousness insight or is morontia consciousness different? Would love for you to shed some light on morontia consciousness interesting topic of discussion perhaps….

…I better end here, my apologies for such a long email but the more I learn the more questions I have and could probably write a whole book about my contemplations about God but thanks so much for getting back to me.. And thank you for allowing me to participate in the mission that you promised them to do. I feel that I am the help they told you you would get when you got back to Earth.  Jay

Email: Michael to Jay

Hello Jay, Your thoughts about the adjuster relationship can be simplified to mean soul consciousness.

 This is the domain of the morontia self that will one day become very real and truly eternal in your life experience. The life as lived by us mortals of time and space has strong connections to the environment and to animal life. Driven by physical needs and desires we live much of the time disconnected from divinity, or or soul conscious self. When we make the steps toward a full engagement with the thought adjuster we find disconnects from this present reality strange and yet wonderfully real.

This is the Paradise Adventure

Aloha, Michael


Email Jay to Michael:

Hi Michael , I am really beginning to experience a lot of the morontia aspects of my being like cosmic consciousness ,

spiritual vision and sometimes a little bit of intercommunication with my thought adjuster…more than often I feel the presence of spiritual activity going on around me and inside of me…sometimes its is leading feeling other times it is a guiding one…I still remember you said “don’t be afraid of the spirit presencejust let it happen. You are right..I see what you mean when you said about the disconnect from this reality to the reality of God is the paradise adventure. I want to thank you for allowing me to participate in the return of Christ Michael the Creator of our universe…this makes me feel real special and honoured to have this privilege of participation and understanding this knowledge in the Urantia Book through the story of your experience of being with them. What I am trying to say is that you bring another dimension of understanding the Urantia Book which has helped me greatly in comprehending the book as well as you incredible insight of the Holy Bible. Our last recording was great, we had skipped through the story pretty fast but what amazing start.


Email: Michael to Jay

Hi Jay, Great to hear that you are getting closer to full adjuster attunement,

with that will come more personal guidance from adjuster pressures. He will use many different pressures to communicate to you his will, all without overwhelming your personal will. The audible voice many come but will often be confirmed by your personal obedience within the situation that requires adjustment in your life. This will be followed by a positive outcome and preceded by a peaceable spirit non-adjuster pressure. The spirit’s presence is the holy spirit that will enliven your life and bring fullness to or purpose to all stages and situations concerning your development toward becoming a divine son of God.

The honour is ours to have but not as some prince or king, but as those who find and want to do the will of the father directly and will use the tools and rights that have been bestowed to us by Christ who shares with us his divine nature. This is the high purpose for what purpose we have been created. As we continue on this path to full divinity attainment we will have to gather to ourselves more who want to find great enlightenment and real celestial understanding.  Not as leaders but as those just ahead of them. The concept of leader can be misleading, sometimes meaning a controller rather than a light giver to that path just ahead. 

Each soul will activate their own consciousness as the fear of the unknown is extinguished by those lights that shine into the darkness. So let your light shine before men that they will see your good works and then for themselves prove the will of adjuster attunement, the Father God.

Aloha, Michael