Paper 52 

Urantia Book Planetary Mortal Epochs If such a bestowal Avonal should return to a world after the bestowal mission,

 he would not incarnate

but would come  “in glory with the seraphic hosts.”  


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Seraphic army of Nebadon 

Urantia Book Paper 113


“Where the body is there the eagles will gather together” Luke 17



Most High observer 

is empowered, at his discretion, to seize the planetary government in times

of grave planetary crises…

Paper 114 Seraphic Planetary Government

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“At noon today the roll call of planetary



and others on Urantia was 501,234,619 pairs of seraphim. There were assigned to my command two hundred seraphic hosts597,196,800 pairs of seraphim, or


individual angels.

The registry, however, shows 1,002,469,238 individuals; it follows therefore that 191,924,362 angels were absent from this world on

transport,  messenger,  and

death duty.

(On Urantia there are about the same number of cherubim as seraphim, and they are similarly organized.)”Urantia Book

Seraphic Planetary Government

“There is operative on the planet a very definite and effective

superhuman supervision

of world affairs and human destinies.”

Urantia Book


Urantia book Paper 114

” No one in the local universe seems to know when the unsettled status of the planetary administration will terminate.

The Nebadon Melchizedeks are inclined to the opinion that little change will occur in the

planetary government and administration

until Michael’s

second personal arrival on Urantia.

Undoubtedly at this time, if not before, sweeping changes will be effected in planetary management…”

Seraphic Planetary Government
– Urantia Book

The Reserve Corps  of Destiny


THE MOST HIGHS rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.

Urantia is not without proper and effective supervision from the system, constellation, and universe rulers. But the planetary government is unlike that of any other world


This was the Sphere Michael was taken to for a tour to the city in the sky – They call their world New Jerusalem

Michael gets a cosmic education when his request to find God was answered by two alien beings  -Tan and Nela. They took him on their spacecraft to an

architectural sphere

 they call their floating city “New Jerusalem” where he learns about the existence of a great cosmic community through out the universes…he is introduced to a

 Vorondadek Son .