More than half a million specific experiments

were made by the Life Carriers in their laboratories before they finally settled upon this formula for the Urantia life experiment” U.B.



“At any moment of time,

in the blood stream of any human

being there exists the possibility of upward of

15,000,000 chemical reactions

between the hormone output of a dozen ductless glands.”

Urantia Book Paper 65


“You are now planetary sons, evolutionary creatures derived from the Life Carrier implantationsand modified by the Adamic-life infusion, hardly yet ascending sons; but you are indeed sons of ascension potential… Paper 40


Urantia Book Paper 49

Evolution is the rule of human development, but

the process itself varies greatly on different worlds.

Life is sometimes initiated in one center, sometimes in three, as it was on Urantia.

On the atmospheric worlds it usually has a marine origin,

‘but not always; much depends on the physical status of a planet.

 Life Carriers

have great latitude in their function of life initiation.


“But about one world in ten is designated as a decimal planet …

we are permitted to undertake certain life experiments in an effort

to modify or possibly improve

the standard universe types of living beings.”

Life Establishment Urantia Book Paper 58 Life Transplantation Urantia Book Paper 36


Urantia Book Paper 65

“…evolution—on Urantia or elsewhere—is always purposeful and never accidental.

After the life patterns have been formulated and the material organizations have been duly completed, the

supermaterial forces

concerned in life propagation become forthwith active, and life is existent…which estate they can manipulate the living units and maneuver the evolving organisms, even though they are shorn of all

ability to organize—create—new patterns of living matter.


Life Carriers Urantia Book Paper 36

“Life does not originate spontaneously.” 

Urantia Book Paper 65 The Overcontrol of Evolution

But the establishment of life on no world is ever experimental in the sense that something untried and unknown is attempted. The evolution of life is a technique ever progressive, differential, and variable, but never haphazard, uncontrolled, nor wholly experimental, in the accidental senseMany features of human life afford abundant evidence that the phenomenon of mortal existence was intelligently planned…