“To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Colossians



Hour 146


Hour 254

Luke 17 

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the

kingdom of God is within you.



“Man can even evolve spiritual values and derive cosmic insight from his personal experiential living because a divine spirit indwells him.” U.B.


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 The Adjusters are saturated with the beautiful and self-bestowing love of the

Father of spirits.

Urantia Book

And the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries

of God is the phenomenon of the divine indwelling of mortal minds.

The manner in which the Universal Father sojourns with the creatures of time is the most profound of all universe mysteries; the divine presence in the mind of man is the mystery of mysteries.”

Urantia Book




of the divine nature of the Universal Father carry with them the potential of

creature immortality.

Adjusters are immortal spirits, and union with them confers eternal life upon the soul of the fused mortal.”

Urantia book

“… upon the truth of the fact that

an actual fragment

of the living God resides within the intellect of every normal-minded and morally conscious Urantia mortal.” Urantia book


Through the presence of his

fragmentized spirit

the Creator Father maintains immediate contact with his creature children and his created universes.” Urantia Book


“Though the work of Adjusters is spiritual in nature, they must, perforce, do all their work upon an


foundation. Mind is the human soil from which the spirit Monitor must evolve the morontia soul with the co-operation of the indwelt personality.” – Urantia Book Paper 111 The Adjuster and the Soul


“The actuality of the existence of God is demonstrated in human experience by the indwelling of the divine presence, the

spirit Monitor sent from Paradise

to live in the mortal mind of man

and there to assist in evolving the immortal soul of eternal survival. The presence of this divine Adjuster in the human mind is disclosed by three experiential phenomena:

1. The intellectual capacity for knowing God — God-consciousness. 2. The spiritual urge to find God — God-seeking 3. The personality craving to be like God — the wholehearted desire to do the Father’s will.  Urantia Book Paper 1  The Reality of God


Listen  Hour 109  The power of the thought adjuster…

“The spirit presence of God exists within the mind of every “normal-minded and morally conscious human being” it is the purest form of spiritual reality that exists in the universe, it is an actual fragment of the First Source and Center- God.” Referred to as Thought Adjusters in the Urantia Book, these spirit entities have pre- personality while at the same time being individualized

at least until a human creature begins to recognize it’s existence.

The thought adjusters come from God, are a part of God, and their ultimate destination is God. They are void of personality as they begin but are able to gain personality and expression through the co-operation of the human will. And so as the awakened and willing soul begins its transformation process of becoming  divine – human in partnership with the thought adjuster there comes into being a new creation. The inevitable result of such an incredible romance between the human self and the divine adjuster is fusion when the two finally become one for the eternal journey back to paradise…


“The sending of Adjusters, their indwelling, is indeed one of the unfathomable

mysteries of God

the Father. -UrantiaBook


Indwelling the mortal mind– Urantia Book Paper 110.

“You as a personal creature have mind and will. The Adjuster as a prepersonal creature has premind and prewill. If you so fully conform to the Adjuster’s mind that you see eye to eye, then your minds become one, and you receive the reinforcement of the Adjuster’s mind. Subsequently, if your will orders and enforces the execution of the decisions of this new or combined mind, the Adjuster’s prepersonal will attains to personality expression through your decision, and as far as that particular project is concerned, you and the Adjuster are one. Your mind has attained to divinity attunement, and the Adjuster’s will has achieved personality expression. Throughout all this magnificent ascent the Thought Adjuster is the divine pledge of the future and full spiritual stabilization of the ascending mortal. Meanwhile the presence of the mortal free will affords the Adjuster an eternal channel for the liberation of the divine and infinite nature.

Now have these

two identities become one;

no event of time or of eternity can ever separate man and Adjuster; they are inseparable, eternally fused.


Romans 8

“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, either height nor depth,

nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God…”


Urantia Book 107

The Adjuster is an absolute essence of an infinite being imprisoned within the mind of a finite creature which, depending on the choosing of such a mortal, can eventually consummate this temporary union of God and man and veritably actualize a new order of being for unending universe service.

“but you are indeed sons of ascension potential–even to the highest heights of glory and divinity attainment–and this spiritual status of ascending sonship you

may attain by faith and by freewill co-operation with the “spiritualizing” activities of the indwelling Adjuster.

When you and your Adjuster are finally and forever fused, when you two are made one, even as in Christ Michael the Son of God and the Son of Man are one, then in fact have you become the ascending sons of God.” Urantia Book

“It is indeed a marvel of divine condescension for the exalted and perfect Adjusters to offer themselves for actual existence in the minds of material creatures, such as the mortals of Urantia, really to consummate a probationary union with the animal-origin beings of earth…” Urantia Book


“when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is.” U.B