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Navigator is indeed- a very appropriate title. Helping to navigate people through the knowledge of the Urantia book in an interesting yet unique way; an “experiential” point of view.

His Urantia book knowledge did not come from something he read in a book, but from the

experiences he had with them.

Michael takes understanding the content of the Urantia Book to a whole new level. Read full Email Michael introducing himself to Curtis, ends his letter with “Aloha, Michael “The Navigator


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Email20+ year reader of the Urantia Book

“However, the bright object near Saturn is a new one on me that I find especially interesting since I would never have anticipated the presence of an architectural world within our own solar system from the information in the Urantia Book.

But, there it is, apparently.

“The MORONTIA REALMS are the  LOCAL UNIVERSE LIAISON SPHERES between the MATERIAL AND SPIRITUAL LEVELS of CREATURE EXISTENCE -Urantia Book -You are looking at the morontia order of existence. They call their world “New Jerusalem” and told him there’s a blue book on Earth called the Urantia Book “…it explains EVERYTHING.”


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How amazing that such a device was able to bring us images of
the new Jerusalem around Saturn. And although it’s not known
fully yet by everyone on Earth, it’s amazing to think that years from now
or decades that at this current time period humanities destiny was shown,
and so few knew about it. -Ned


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Urantia BookWay Beyond Religion



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In my Father’s house are many mansions:if it were not so, I would have told you”  John 14:2


U.B.P 48 All of these worlds are architectural spheres, and they have just double the number of elements of the evolved planets. Such  MADE-TO-ORDER worlds…


This architectural sphere is a Creator Son sphere serving the creator son..all creator son spheres are luminous

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“… I’m fascinated by the depth of Michael’s knowledge and the relationship it has to not only the Urantia book, but the luminous architectural sphere near Saturn…”


Architectural Worlds. Urantia Book Paper 15

These are the worlds which are built according to plans and specifications for some SPECIAL PURPOSE...”


Urantia Book Paper 15

spheres of space

” In reality, all headquarters worlds are paradisiacal. They are indeed heavenly abodes, and they increase in material size,


beauty, and spirit glory from Jerusem to the central Isle. And all the satellites of these headquarters worlds are also architectural spheres.”