Interview with Curtis Cooperman: 

Site Creator of This interview is interesting if anyone wants to know how everything comes  together; how it all started with Michael from Hawaii  to Riley Martin  and then Coming of Tan to Howard Stern  to now – Nikola Tesla and the Venus Tesla Connection.



These are the alien ships Riley Martin was seeing…

Unlike Michael, Riley Martin the second contactee was given permission to photograph the alien craft that took him to the same architectural sphere orbiting Saturn  Rileyconnection


The poem

I have traveled far and swiftly, Across yon deep and leaning sky; I have witnessed a novas burst, and saw living planet die.

Across to voids of space unmeasured, Oh yea,Omsa-La-Juwann: I have pierced the quantum octaves, mastered hyper warps in time.

Vaulting onward o’er the spiral, on a journey here to save: fellow beings wrought of madness, from yon weeping living grave,

Nestled there upon the ether, as a jewel among the stones: Earth the precious orb of legend, soon your glowing shall be done.

Children of the living waters, possessors of the staff of reason: Beings of celestial promise, doomed to perish in mid-season.

From the stone axe to the heavens, lo’ the vision did not fade: still that pulsing seed of hatred, lay thy fate beneath the spade.

Before me the planet lay in shambles, eco-destruction beyond repair: by the” greed of false controllers”, acid permeate the air,

Pristine waters from the mountains, die en-route down to the sea: thus to hasten soon the horror, the sapien race may cease to be.

All my dreams of bio-perfection, was but a futile deed: Seeking to create a pure utopia, we unleashed a monster seed.

Still within them lay the spirit, to transcend the rabid beast:And to comprehend the Omsa of the elements of peace.

Oh ye marvels of creation, why have you not sought the light: Must you fade into the shadows, of that still,cold, azure night

Unto you my sign is written, there upon the living fields, Lo’ the circle is eternal, though you perish, you yet shall live.

Interfaceing with the acids, beneath some new Jurasic sea: To turn again and scan the heavens, and to learn again to be, to be.

If I did not breach your stratos, you would surely some day breach mine: Tis a factor without question,tis a factor but of time.

I have not returned to conquer, nor to alter the flow of fate:

But simply to gather a certain

number, soon before it is too late.

Too unstable to embrace, yet far too noble to cast away: Beautiful life form though unsuccessful, might succeed another day:

There upon the flowering meadows, Oh, shining precious Biaveh.


The writer of the poem was Riley Martins thought adjuster  -Coming of Tan. Riley was the other human taken to the same architectural sphere orbiting Saturn as Michael  but Riley had a much different experience…

I believe,

it was through an experienced thought adjuster that Riley Martin was able to write this poem, actually the entire book for that matter. Curtis Cooperman does an amazing job on; he really brings it all together nicely…thanks Curtis Cooperman for a wonderful site. This human subject had a very experienced Thought Adjuster according to the Urantia Book there are many different kinds of these spirit entities- thought adjusters.  A virgin adjuster is the most common the average person would have one of these. Virgin adjusters do not have any past life experiences  indwelling human minds, but the experienced adjusters do – these spiritual entities have indwelt human minds before in other past lives and for this reason have a better understanding how human beings function/operate. Because of this advantage experienced adjusters are able to  influence their human subject to a greater degree in association with the seven psychic circles of spiritual evolution- human divine association (dual mindedness- mind sharing)” mans identification with the mindedness of God in other words cosmic consciousness…


Urantia Book – Paper 110 – Relation of Adjusters to Individual Mortals- INDWELLING THE MORTAL MIND

Adjusters who have translated their subjects from Urantia were


highly experienced and of record as previous indwellers of numerous mortals on other spheresRemember, Adjusters gain valuable indwelling experience on planets

of the loan order; it does not follow that Adjusters only gain experience for advanced work in those mortal subjects who fail to survive….


The Adjusters are dedicated to improving, modifying, adjusting, and co-ordinating your thinking processes; but more especially and specifically they are devoted to the work of building up spiritual counterparts of your careers, morontia transcripts of your true advancing selves, for survival purposes.” Urantia Book Paper 108Mission and Ministry of Thought Adjusters


And as for who gets what in terms of “type of adjuster” depends on will and the destiny of any particular individual. The beautiful gifts that you see people with like writing a poem that has to do with truth beauty and goodness or the writings in the Urantia Book which by the way were translated as well via thought adjustment and of course in association with other divine forces. One wonderful well known gift is memories of past lives which many people confuse with the term “reincarnation” With the exception of one creature – reincarnation does not exist nor does it happen.

Please Note: Actually there is one exceptional creature Spornagia that can experience reincarnation in all the universe of Nebadon according to the Urantia Book, these creatures are stuck on the same level of existence unlike ourselves they cannot not ascend. There is such a thing as incarnation, dematerialization and even rematerialization but according to the Urantia Book not reincarnation, it really would serve no logical purpose. Its actually quite simple the reason why there is no reincarnation is because there is an ascension plan…we are not just stuck here on this level of existence like any other animal creature on Earth we can ascend…


Urantia Book Paper 46

“Spornagia are the only creatures in all the universe of Nebadon who experience this or any other sort of reincarnation. Although spornagia neither possess nor evolve survival souls, though they do not have personality, nevertheless, they do evolve an individuality which can experience reincarnation.

Spornagia are not Adjuster indwelt. They do not possess survival souls,

but they do enjoy long lives, sometimes to the extent of forty to fifty thousand standard years.


The Thought adjusters work is why it happens and how it happens that is why in life  everything you do is recorded …actually anything of good moral value will be retained or imprinted or duplicated or whatever word you want to give it.