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Read Full Email: Jay to Michael from Hawaii

“After much prayer for my thought adjuster to become more


in my being and in terms of my insight of


knowledge, I believe that I am able to intercommunicate  with my thought adjuster. If it was not for the Urantia Book and your knowledge about the

seven psychic circles

from the recordings; I would have thought that I was suffering from some kind of schizophrenia. But I am now quite aware that this is not so, that my ability to intercommunicate is possible only because I have broken through all of the psychic circles and therefore experiencing the phenomenon of

dual mindedness

 which of course is my identification with the mindedness of GodGOD CONSCIOUSNESS.

 Morontia Awareness

Morontia mind is a term signifying the substance and sum total of the

co-operating minds

of diversely material and spiritual natures.

Morontia intellect, therefore, connotes a dual mind in the local universe dominated by one will. And with mortals this is a

will, human in origin, which is becoming divine through man’s identification of the human mind with the mindedness of God. To the extent that this identity is realized, you are

mentally approaching the morontia order of existence

-Urantia book


Comment from Urantia Book Reader: Bernadette

Dear noble soul, brother of Light,

thank you forever sharing pout everyone souls in still conscious, and co are born this sublime cosmogony, moreover, it is nice to know that my heart and all his Galligastia clicks was tried in 1984/85 of Urantia time, that the will of the Father universal after “meeting” was declared a Divine Fiat, well after the Judgment of the Dice. Creation Rebel, cleaning the grill on Urantia is in progress, it is good to know that in partnership with a

vast celestial hierarchy,

invisible, median, angels, and participation of the master spirit of our Universe of Nebadon 7 segment em “AYA “(exceptionally consistent with the Eternals of Days Christe Nebadonia Michael and his partner-in agreement with others such as D Siraya Master Spirit, our tutors well watchers, as we poor creatures-human-morontiello Urantian participate with joy and courage in the respect and loyalty Divine … to the Supreme emerge, which will inevitably lead us to this new consciousness Plane “earth” “on Urantia, co-sharing and co missioned with the creativity of the

reserve corps,

the agondonearth “, for the distant beginnings of the Wave Lumère that spreads gradually, in full agreement fragments with our Divine in all of us here below, our choice! as the virus that is spreading the love and care for all, on this plan saxe Dear brother of the same path of Truth, receive all my spiritual tenderness sharing in this reflectivity Virtual! Bernadette de France A Ray of Love Lazer, in service of Light Source for Centre1 “