Urantia Book Paper 109 

It is sometimes possible to have the mind illuminated, to hear the



speaks WITHIN YOU,

so that you may become partially conscious of the wisdom, truth, goodness, and beauty of the potential personality constantly




Hour 117         

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Transcription 23:17 – 47:18

 “One of the key… key points is that this… this language which I speak is… is actually secret. 

…it is a language which is between

 myself and Divinity and the

Divinity circuit.

And it is understood on a level that requires attunement to the mind of God.

You might say the mind of

Christ …”

“And it ah also is able it-it-it’s able like you know we type in a website or dial a phone number uhm you can point it to an individual. Many times in prayer ah it is uhm… our… our


are are if they are properly presented eh… will be directed toward a guardian or ah a… yeah, a guardian, one guardian, a

higher guardian

who has under his guardianship many maybe sometimes hundreds of individuals but depending upon one’s purpose they may actually become directed toward a singular guardian. Who has ah a combination. In my area I speak to many guardians and they all function under the same


and represent the First Source and Center.”


Listen HOUR 154 

“The language of Uversa is a powerful language which has many more dimensions than  our English language…”


Is Michael speaking the language of Uversa? Listen Hour 150 


Urantia Book paper 44

 Each superuniverse has its own language, a tongue spoken by its personalities and prevailing throughout its sectors.

This is known as the tongue of Uversa in our superuniverse. Each local universe also has its own language. All of the higher orders of Nebadon are bilingual, speaking both the language of Nebadon and the tongue of Uversa.

When two individuals from different local universes meet, they communicate in the tongue of Uversa