Urantia Book Paper 113

Seraphim are the traditional angels of heaven; they are the

 ministering spirits

who live so near you and do so much for you. They have ministered on Urantia since the earliest times of human intelligence.


Urantia Book

Paper 117

“…the evolving of HARMONY OUT OF CHAOS, beauty out of potentials, truth out of meanings, and goodness out of values.”


Listen Hour 221

“Organization out of chaos is one of the high aspects of the First Source


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 19:40 – Many will gain further insight through their personal Guardians.

Some may even perceive them visually,

others only in personality and numerous synchronicities that verify the engagement with a celestial Destiny Guardian.


In such a way comfort will come to many. As Spirit, the Mother Spirit is removed, removing herself, she is not removing herself without allowing forth the personal guardians

to seek out and find 

as many as possible. In this transition, in this time of transition, the move will not be so much as to look and to discover the First Source and Center installed into the individual, the Voice of Divinity, the Thought Adjuster.  Instead, there will be a more specific guiding individual and personality who will on a personal level direct and guide the individual, not only to the discovery of the First Source purpose, but of their very purpose, their own human purpose on this planet and function as a functional being engaged in the progress of the ascension of the entire planet towards full enlightenment. 


Urantia Book

“When a mortal mind breaks through the inertia of animal legacy and attains the

third circle

of human  intellectuality and acquired spirituality, a personal angel (in reality two) will henceforth be wholly and exclusively devoted to this ascending mortal.”


This is the place where I have long conversations with God. It is quiet, peaceful and actually quite beautiful in this church. When I want to get way from the world; this is where I come to worship and speak with God. In this particular frame I asked the angels to be photographed and this wonderful glowing mist appeared…


 I’ve been experiencing spiritual realities, sometimes I can sense the merging of dimensions; a spiritual world superimposed upon the material. Today something interesting happened while sitting on the couch, I think I saw a couple of


hovering softly just a few feet away from my head but what is even more interesting is when I looked at the clock it was at 7:17 pmit has been said that 17 is a number representing the return of Jesus Christ  others say it represents the holy spirit 

but generally the number


is associated with spirituality.

The best way that I can described it; incense smoke flowing softly in the air. Also, when this happened I had a feeling as though I was looking up from inside of myself. I believe they are my

guardian angels the Urantia Book talks about angels being assigned  when you reach a certain stage or level of mindal evolution and cosmic development. I am certain that this all part of my morontial abilities beginning to appear like spiritual vision,  cosmic consciousness, and even experiencing the presence of angels

I am very grateful and humbled by this experience….

Urantia Book Paper 110

The third circle. The Adjuster’s work is much more effective after the human ascender attains the third


and receives a personal seraphic guardian of destiny. While there is no apparent concert of effort between the Adjuster and the seraphic guardian, nonetheless there is to be observed an unmistakable improvement in all phases of cosmic achievement and spiritual development subsequent to the assignment of the personal seraphic attendant.

When the third circle is attained, the Adjuster endeavors to

morontia ize the mind

of man during the remainder of the mortal life span, to make the remaining circles, and achieve the final stage of the divine-human association before natural death dissolves the unique partnership.