Paradise Adventure 



The destiny guardian of the human subject used in this



is number 3 of group


Urantia Book Paper 113 Seraphic Guardians of Destiny


Listen Hour 50  Frandalanks 

The Universe

Power Directors 

The Master Force organizers – The Master Physical Controllers – Chronoldeks Urantia Book Paper 29

The frandalanks that register time in addition to quantitative and qualitative energy presence are called Chronoldeks.


This was the sphere Michael was taken to for a COSMIC education to the city in the sky – They call their world New Jerusalem

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Michael explains how he was able to pass through the walls of his home in the blue beam of light. He was taken by two alien beings to a gigantic sphere near Saturn; where he gets a  cosmic education. The hour just flew by again, loaded with all kinds of information from dimensional shifting; hyper space-time manipulation and the Master Chronoldeks to the morontia order of existenceResurrection Chambers Earth being observed, The Next Order To Arrive  Return of Christ Michael or Teacher Sons ? The presence of an Observer Vorondadek Son involvement in our planetary affairs…


Listen hour 169

“Removal of this quarantine. Our gaining the appropriate readiness to absorb much of the truth that is out there. We are not alone”