“Though their work may be almost incomprehensible to the material mind, it should be understood that the

morontia and spirit worlds

are not without their high arts and supernal cultures…”Urantia Book  

These beings are the

master artists

and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit realms. They are the spirits and


who are engaged in morontia embellishment and in spiritual beautification. Such artisans are distributed throughout the grand universe—on the headquarters worlds…“-Urantia Book 


Urantia Book – Paper 44 

The celestial artisans are not created as such; they are a selected and recruited corps of beings composed of certain teacher personalities native to the central universe and their volunteer pupils drawn from the ascending mortals and numerous other celestial groups…

But I almost despair of being able to convey to the material mind the nature of the work of the celestial artisans. I am under the necessity of constantly perverting thought and distorting language in an effort to unfold to the mortal mind the reality of these morontia transactions and

near-spirit phenomena.

Your comprehension is incapable of grasping, and your language is inadequate for conveying,

the meaning, value, and relationship of these semispirit activities. And I proceed with this effort to enlighten the human mind concerning these realities with the full understanding of the utter impossibility of my being very successful in such an undertaking.

I can do no more than attempt to sketch a crude parallelism between mortal material activities and the manifold functions of the celestial artisans.

If the Urantia races were more advanced in art and other cultural accomplishments, then could I go that much farther in an effort to project the human mind from the things of matter to those of morontia. About all I can hope to accomplish is to make emphatic the

FACT OF THE REALITY of these transactions of the morontia and the spirit worlds.