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Each soul will

activatN00014529fullres.jpg Nasa Architectural Sphere orbiting Saturn

their own consciousness as the fear of the unknown is extinguished by those lights that shine into the darkness…

Michael From Hawaii


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While the Mother Spirit remains here upon Urantia that you will be able to use her effectively in the

spread of


of higher realities of destinies that need to be fulfilled. 


is a spiritual reality value experienced only by spirit endowed beings who function upon supermaterial levels of universe consciousness and who, after the


of truthpermit its spirit of activation to live and reign within their souls.  Urantia Book Paper 180


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“As we continue on this path to full divinity attainment we will have to gather to ourselves more who want to find great enlightenment and real celestial understanding. 

Not as leaders but as those just ahead of them. The concept of leader can be misleading,

sometimes meaning a controller rather than a light giver to that path just ahead.


So let your light

shine before men that they will see your good works and then for themselves prove the will of adjuster

 attunement, the Father God.”  Listen Hour 168