“The fabrication of a suitable form, a morontia energy pattern, in which the new survivor can make contact with nonspiritual reality, and within which the morontia variant of the cosmic mind can be encircuitedUrantia Book


Michael talks about the concept of soul implantation


hour 131  

technology that enables a being to transfer their soul consciousness from one body form to another. Makes perfect sense if your thinking of a way to live forever you would require body forms that can be controlled via spirit.

When on board the architectural sphere orbiting Saturn Michael talks about a room where he saw what looked like human bodies at first but they told him the bodies were like suits that can be put on to look human and from time to time they did that in order to remain undetected….”


” The Morontia Power Supervisors are able to effect a union of material and of spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morontia form of materialization

which is receptive to the superimposition of a controlling spirit.”

-Urantia Book  



Urantia Book Paper 93Machiventa Melchizedek

“It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his


was not witnessed by human eyes.” His physical body, 

while resembling that of the human male

was in reality on the order of those especially constructed bodies

used by the one hundred materialized members of Prince Caligastia’s staff except that it did not carry the life plasm of any human race.


The Urantia book talks about the transformation process that souls go through to become spirit beings which involves being translated into morontial body forms – a material physical body as part of the ascension career…


” Such forms, while entirely real, are not energy patterns of the material order which you now understand.

They do, however, serve the same purpose on the local universe worlds as do your material bodies on the planets of human nativity.” –


Urantia Book 48

When you traverse the morontia life of Nebadon, these same patient and skillful Morontia Power Supervisors will successively

 provide you with 570 morontia bodies, each one a phase of your progressive transformation.

From the time of leaving the material worlds

until you are constituted a first-stage spirit on Salvington, you will undergo just 570 separate and ascending morontia changes. Eight of these occur in the system, seventy-one in the constellation, and 491 during the sojourn on the spheres of Salvington.